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Build a career in the Indian Armed Forces by cracking the UPSC CAPF exams and helping to serve the nation and its people. Go for the Best Coaching Centre for CAPF in Hyderabad today, and learn how to go about these examinations. Get the best help and guidance from expert teachers and know the various strategies so that you too can become a part of the proud tradition of CAPF.

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Exclusive CAPF classes in Hyderabad

AVKS ACADEMY stands out as the sole institute in India that offers specialized coaching exclusively for the CAPF Assistant Commandant Exam, conducted by UPSC. At AVKS, we uphold a set of ideologies that we strictly adhere to. As a result, we have maintained a clear distinction by not combining CAPF classes with CDS, AFCAT, NDA, or any other exams. Our unwavering commitment to providing top-quality education remains our foremost priority.

Experienced and Qualified Faculty

AVKS ACADEMY boasts a team of experienced and highly qualified faculty members who possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of the CAPF AC exam syllabus and patterns. With a strong foundation of 8 years in making students into officers, this achievement would not have been possible without the exceptional faculty team at AVKS.

Comprehensive Study Material

AVKS believes that practice makes perfect, which is why we are constantly evaluating our CAPF students to check their aptitude as well as gauge their progression with the CAPF syllabus. We aid in their study process by providing all the relevant study material required to CRACK CAPF AC Exam. Moreover, our teachers also provide associated assignments to our students so that preparation becomes part of their routine and not just an activity on the side.

Previous Results and Success Rate

AVKS Academy has a remarkable track record of producing CAPF ranks and turning the dream of becoming an Assistant Commandant into reality. To date, AVKS ACADEMY has achieved more than 160+ selections in the UPSC CAPF AC Exam since 2016, and this number continues to grow.

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Achieve Success With The AVKS Learning Process

AVKS tries to get the best out of every student so that they have equal opportunities as every student. We believe in a holistic method of teaching so that every student is provided for. These are some of our teaching methods:

Structured Study Routine and Curriculum

Structure and discipline are an integral part of the CAPF philosophy, and we try to bring our students into that way of life from the very beginning. AVKS is in the business of building the security forces that will protect our nation for years to come. We understand the gravity of our responsibility and accordingly, prepare our students to face any challenge they may encounter in their service. Our qualitative mode of approach towards academics is what makes us the Best CAPF Course in Hyderabad. Along with these, we also provide all the relevant study material and previous years' question papers so that students do not have to run about looking for these. Our teachers also ensure that every student is versed in the current affairs of the world so that they are prepared to the teeth for any question on the paper.

Pre-Admission Demo Classes

Since we are providing a service, it would be unfair to our students and their parents to not provide a trial of our services before they decide to invest. This is why we provide demo classes to every student so that they can understand our way of teaching and decide whether they would like to continue with that. This is what sets us apart from other multiple CAPF Coaching Classes in Hyderabad that simply wants to enrol the student so that they can profit off of them.

Functional Batch Sizes

Most coaching centres tend to take in as many candidates as they can allocate for their self-interest. However, this leads to a loss of quality in the preparation methodology because no student can get the necessary attention required. This is why we believe in keeping our batch sizes small and reasonable so that all students can be faithfully looked after by the teacher. In addition, we also encourage teachers and tutors to pay individual attention to the needs of every student.

Corollary Skill Classes

The academic and professional worlds are completely different from each other, which is something that most students are not prepared for. Moreover, in a career such as CAPF, it is crucial that students are trained in the different skills they will require when they head on to the professional field. Thus, at AVKS, we provide classes for skills that are deemed of utmost importance in the real world. This way, we prepare our students for every outcome so that they can rise and shine under any circumstance.

Reasonable Payment Structures

AVKS does not believe in commercializing the education sector, which is why we have tried to keep our fee structure as low as possible so that any student who dreams of being in the CAPF can make it come true. This is also in keeping with our belief that every student should have an equal chance of achieving their dreams, and that is what sets us apart from any other CAPF Coaching Institute in Hyderabad.


On average, if the student follows the proper curriculum provided by AVKS, they should be prepared for the examination in 8-10 months. Moreover, students must also start preparing beforehand for the 2nd paper as well, which requires daily writing practice among other things.

Much like other UPSC exams, the CAPF exam is held once a year. However, the entire duration of all three papers takes up a whole year to complete. Students and applicants have to qualify for one paper to move on to the next one.

AVKS understands the divergent requirements of every student, which is why we provide this facility. Students who opt for our classes can only partake in the coaching for two papers. This helps to keep our processes flexible towards our students. Thus, if you want something like this, call up the AVKS Hyderabad CAPF Coaching Classes today.

On average, a CAPF AC gets a salary of around 65k-70k in hand, which included miscellaneous allowances and other tax deductions that have to be made.