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Serve the nation and its people by joining the Armed Forces and helping to secure the motherland. Go for the Best Coaching Centre for CAPF in Delhi today, and learn how to go about these examinations. Get professional advice and suggestions from expert teachers and know the various strategies so that you too can become a part of the proud tradition of CAPF.

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What Makes AVKS The Best Choice For CAPF Exams

Top Teachers and Tutors

At AVKS, our team of expert teachers and tutors are always ready to help students who need urgent help with their academic prospects. The CAPF is an institution and as such, demands the best qualities to be eligible to qualify. That is where our teachers help out students the most, honing their talents and qualities to make them shine brighter than others. We provide teaching faculties who are the best when it comes to their respective fields because we believe that your child deserves the best.

Special Needs Classes and Sessions

To rise in the professional world in today's day and age requires razor-sharp skills that will help you stand apart from the rest of the competition. AVKS understands the changing requirements of today's students and accordingly, provides special skill classes and other private sessions for unique students so that every student gets the attention they deserve. Through our special classes, students can hope to grow as human beings and develop a more mature outlook towards life.

Research Oriented Study

AVKS believes that researching a relevant topic is the only way to dig deep into it and gain in-depth knowledge about the subject. Thus, we help our students to understand concepts rather than memorize them, so that they can apply these in actual practice. Thus, at AVKS, your child is imbibed in a more advanced method of learning, which is what makes us the Best CAPF Course in Delhi.

Dual Mode Of Study

With changing technology, our methods of learning must also develop and change. This is why we at AVKS encourage our students to take the help of modern technology as much as possible, because it is the future, and all students must have a working knowledge of how technology works, to make it easier to operate in professional life. We also provide our classes over several mediums, both offline and online, so that students can take the benefit of our knowledge by any means.

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Develop and Mature With The AVKS Learning Process

AVKS believes that students must have the best facilities to achieve their ultimate potential. We believe in a holistic method of teaching which takes responsibility for each and every student. These are some of our teaching methods:

Structured Study Routine and Curriculum

If one has to be a part of the Armed Forces, structure and discipline come along with the job. After all, how can one maintain order if they are not in order themselves? This is what we try to imbibe into our students who come to try out the CAPF exams. We believe that the academic routine must become a part of the student's life, and only then will they be ready for what comes after. Our qualitative mode of approach towards academics is what makes us the Best CAPF Course in Delhi. Along with these, we also provide all the relevant study material and previous years' question papers so that students do not have to run about looking for these.

Pre-Admission Demo Classes

Investing in anything requires a leap of faith on the part of the consumer if done blindly. However, at AVKS, we allow parents and students to take a trial of our classes before they decide to enrol for our services. This way, parents always know what they are paying for. We believe in keeping the process as transparent as possible. This is what sets us apart from other multiple CAPF Coaching Classes in Delhi that are only in it for the commercial aspect.

Reasonable Batch Sizes

It is not right to cram as many students as possible into a single classroom, whereas the number of teachers remains the same. This leads to a disproportion between the number of students and teachers, which is not conducive to good education. This is why we keep our batch sizes intimate and comfortable so that all our students get enough attention and focus from the teacher. This way, we try to blend traditional systems of learning with modern methods.

Communication Skill Classes

The academic and professional worlds are completely different from each other, which is something that most students are not prepared for. Moreover, in a career such as CAPF, students must be trained in the different skills they will require when they head on to the professional field. This is why we help our students to become efficient in communication skills and other oral speaking skills so that they are never at a loss when they have to express themselves. We dedicate special classes as well to this purpose so that students can achieve a comprehensive learning process.

Workable Payment Structures

We do not believe in commercializing the education sector, which is why we have tried to keep our fee structure as low as possible so that any student who dreams of being in the CAPF can make it come true. This is also in keeping with our belief that every student should have an equal chance of achieving their dreams, and that is what sets us apart from any other CAPF Coaching Institute in Delhi.


On average, if the student follows the proper curriculum provided by AVKS, they should be prepared for the examination in 8-10 months. Moreover, students must also start preparing beforehand for the 2nd paper as well, which requires daily writing practice among other things.

Much like other UPSC exams, the CAPF exam is held once a year. However, the entire duration of all three papers takes up a whole year to complete. Students and applicants have to qualify for one paper to move on to the next one.

AVKS understands the divergent requirements of every student, which is why we provide this facility. Students who opt for our classes can only partake in the coaching for two papers. This helps to keep our processes flexible towards our students. Thus, if you want something like this, call up the AVKS Delhi CAPF Coaching Classes today.

On average, a CAPF AC gets a salary of around 65k-70k in hand, which included miscellaneous allowances and other tax deductions that have to be made.