USPC Paper 1 Book 

Make your career in UPSC CAPF and Become a Part of National Security by preparing for the exam with the help of AVKS CAPF Exam Paper 1 Book. This comprehensive guide provides expert tips and techniques to select the right aptitude and logical reasoning questions to crack the UPSC CAPF exam successfully. Ensure you get your copy and develop the right preparation strategy to ace the exam.

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What We Offer You

Having suitable study materials is essential to achieve a high score on the Paper 1 exam. Paper 1 is especially vital as it is required to qualify for Paper 2. Fortunately, the AVKS CAPF Exam Paper 1 Book provides a thorough overview of all the essential preparation topics and can guide aspiring test takers.

  • The AVKS UPSC CAPF Paper 1 Book contains comprehensive information on the topics necessary for study, ensuring that students can understand the material thoroughly.
  • Additional practice tests are also included in the material, allowing students to gain insight into their progress.
  • Book of CAPF 2 (latest edition)

What we will provide you in Paper 1 Books kit. all be given below will also have MCQs covered for Practice.

  • Polity
  • History
  • Geography
  • Environment
  • Economy
  • PYQs book

Highlights of UPSC CAPF Paper 1 Book

  • Concise Content
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Practice Tests
  • Relevant Examples
  • Updated Information
  • Clear Explanations

₹ 3000/-

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The Central Armed Police Forces' (CAPF) exam is conducted annually. However, the time it takes to complete the process can extend beyond one year.

The official UPSC CAPF notification states that the upper age limit is fixed without specifying how many attempts a candidate can make. It suggests that a person has no limit on the number of shots they can drive until they turn 25.

The CAPF Exam Paper 1 bookcomprises over 400 pages, providing students with comprehensive information and preparation materials to comprehend the topics thoroughly.

Approximately 3 lakh people apply for the UPSC CAPF exam annually. However, only half of them take the written test. About 1.5 lakh candidates sit for the written exam, and close to 3 thousand are successful in the Physical/Medical examination.

Yes, we have put in serious effort and research to create a single comprehensive source that covers all the relevant topics and subjects, making it easier for our students to access all the required information in one place.

The hiring procedure is carried out in three stages: taking written exams (Paper I and Paper II), completing a Physical Efficiency Test (PET) and a Medical Standards Test, and a personal interview.

Over 70% of the questions on our exams are relevant without additional study material. It is because we put effort into making sure our students receive the highest quality education by assembling old questions and creating novel questions.