Prepare Yourself To The Fullest With AVKS CAPF Test Series

Serve the nation and become a part of the Armed Forces by clearing the CAPF Exams. Become a part of the proud tradition that has protected the country for decades. Sign up with AVKS UPSC CAPF Test Series and get the very best guidance and skill training that will help you clear your way to success.

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Choose AVKS Test Series For CAPF Exams And Achieve Success

With AVKS, students are guaranteed to get the best learning experience which cannot be provided by any other coaching centre. These are some added benefits you can enjoy:

Multiple Study Modes

Our entire existence has been taken over by technology. However, the education system is the one that is least affected by that. This is why AVKS plans to change the system and do away with outdated methods. Thus, we provide our classes and teaching tools both offline as well as online. This way, students can sign up for our service across India and we will provide the best of our service to you. Sign up with UPSC CAPF Online Test Series and prepare the best way.

The Best Teachers In the Industry

At AVKS, we vet our teachers thoroughly, and only the brightest minds become a part of our faculty. Moreover, we also ensure that our faculty understands the practical aspect of a career such as one in the Armed Forces. Thus, we and our teachers try to imbibe the different qualities needed to become proud and contributing members of the nation. We understand that becoming a part of the CAPF is a qualitative job as well as a quantitative one, and accordingly, we prepare our students to face whatever challenges they may face on their journey.

Special Skill Classes and Coaching

Students need to have more than bookish knowledge in today's day and age to stand out from their competition. Moreover, being able to express oneself and make one's presence felt at the place of work is of supreme importance if one desires to rise high. These qualities are not learnable through books though, which is why we coach our students thoroughly in the various skills and learnings that have become essential to the practical world. This is what makes us the best UPSC CAPF Test Series to opt for.

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Achieve Real Progress With The AVKS Test Series

At AVKS, we try to give our students the very best facilities so that they can rise to the occasion and achieve their true potential. We believe in letting our students fly rather than try to lock their wings away. At the same time, we also understand the need for moderation, which is a crucial quality for the Armed Forces. These are the various reasons why we stand out amidst other CAPF Exam Online Mock Test classes:

Innovative Practical Learning Methods

Order and discipline are crucial to becoming an important part of the Armed Forces. This is what we try to bring into our students as well, through our innovative and intuitive teaching methods. At AVKS, we try to get our students into a study routine, so that preparation becomes a part of their life. It is this same discipline that they will need if they want to join the Armed Forces as well. Thus, we try to teach our students through practice, rather than preaching. This, among other reasons, is what makes us the best Online Test Series for CAPF.

Pre-Admission Demo Classes

We understand that investing in anything is a big deal for people. This is why we try to keep a holistic approach towards our services. We try to make the process as humane as possible for parents and students, which is why we provide a trial period of our classes where students can attend live classes and get a feel for our methods. If they find them unsuitable, they are free to discontinue our services at any point. This is what sets us apart from other multiple UPSC CAPF Mock Test Online that are only in it for the commercial aspect.

Reasonable Batch Sizes

For a student to get the proper amount of attention from the teacher, the teacher must be free enough to deal with every student individually. This is what we have learnt the hard way, that education should not be kept separate from commercialization. Thus, at AVKS, we keep our batch sizes small enough, so that every student can communicate effectively with the teacher, and get their doubts solved easily enough. This way, students can easily manage the entire CAPF Exam Online Test Series with enough attention being given to their requirements.

Communication Skill Classes

The practical world demands several skill sets and talents to differentiate between employees. When you are a part of the Armed Forces, you are just part of a whole, and to stand out, you need to have the proper skillset and mindset to deal with daily problems. Having clear and outstanding oratory skills can take you a long way, which is why at AVKS, we provide students with special classes and tutorials, that are solely dedicated towards improving the social and communication skills of students.


On average, if the student follows the proper curriculum provided by AVKS, they should be prepared for the examination in 8-10 months. Moreover, students must also start preparing beforehand for the 2nd paper as well, which requires daily writing practice among other things.

Much like other UPSC exams, the CAPF exam is held once a year. However, the entire duration of all three papers takes up a whole year to complete. Students and applicants have to qualify for one paper to move on to the next one.

AVKS understands the divergent requirements of every student, which is why we provide this facility. Students who opt for our classes can only partake in the coaching for two papers. This helps to keep our processes flexible towards our students. Thus, if you want something like this, call up the AVKS UPSC CAPF Mock Test hotline today.

On average, a CAPF AC gets a salary of around 65k-70k in hand, which included miscellaneous allowances and other tax deductions that have to be made.